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Available from April / September from Tuesday to Sunday From Cannes, Nice, Monaco, St-Tropez

4 persons minium – duration: 11h00

9:00am – Depart /  Arrival Aix-en-Provence – Musée Granet at 11:30am

Visit Musée Granet 1h30

1:00am -Gastronomic Restaurant – Les Lodges* Guide Michelin

3:30pm – Private visit & tasting wine domaine Villa Beaulieu

6:30 – Cocktail & private visit of workshop Paul Cézanne

8:00pm – End of the day

The Saint-Victoire mountain

A land of artistic legend, the magic of light so loving to Cézanne.

The little story of Saint-Ser

Native of Lyon at the 5th century after JC, Saint-Ser was a hermit who withdrew himself in a cave of the Holy-Victoire Mountain. Its virtues and its Christian faith summer exemplary model. It attracted the many faithful ones and constituted a model for the inhabitants of the country.

At that time, Euric, sovereign Visigoth, violent and cruel, savagely hostile with the Christian church, reigned on Provence. His worst opponent was Saint Ser. Around the year 484, refusing to submit and despising the threats, Saint-Ser was beheaded by Euric’s emissaries.

Around year 484, refusing to subject itself and scorning the threats, saint-Ser was decapitated by the emissary of Euric. The place of its torment was that of its burial and its memory remained venerated in all the Aixoise region.

Today, the Saint-Ser chapel, built in a mountain cave, remains a place of pilgrimage where the inhabitants of Puyloubier and the surrounding area go every year, on May 24, for a religious service.

12:00pm – Visit to the Granet Museum

Inaugurated in 1838 in the former priory of Malta, the Granet Museum is an institution of the City of Aix-en-Provence. It presents on more than 4000 m2 nearly 600 paintings and sculptures from Antiquity to the 21st century and the 73 masterpieces of the Meyer donation.

The museum also proposes ten paintings of Paul Cézanne.

including a version of the Big Bathers. In 2010, the museum received the invaluable collection of 300 masterpieces from the Planque collection, most of which has been on display since 2013 in the new spaces of the Granet Museum in the Chapel des Penitents blancs under the title (Granet XXe)

12:30pm -Gastronomical Experiment with the table of the Chief, Mathias Dandine

Mathias Dandine was born in his parents’ kitchen in Bormes les Mimosas.

L’Escoundudo (who signed “la cachette” in Provencal), was the family restaurant: after having trained with the great chefs of the region, he will return to the House and give it a star famous guide Michelin.

It is in Bormes that he learns his basics and anchors the essential with Gui Gedda. The so-called “Pope of Provençal cuisine” has worked all his life to promote the region’s warm recipes in France and abroad, classics that highlight products from the South with a beautiful dose of love and cooking time.

A heritage that is always present without Mathias’ cuisine, which respects the pure vision of his “cooking father”. The assertive tastes, the delicacy, the lighting of each exceptional product have remained intact in his hands. The rest of the journey will never shake this guideline but will give it additional advantages.

3:30pm – Private visit and tasting at Villa Beaulieu estate

For more than two thousand years, the Beaulieu vineyard has flourished in the crater of a volcano single in Provence.

The estate, erected as a fiefdom by Henry III in 1576, was owned by several large Provençal families and this family wine-growing and agricultural tradition continues. The geographical situation, the pedological quality of the vineyard of Baulieu Villa, offers the advisability to us of carrying out wines of exception.

To 400 m of altitude, we have amplitudes of temperatures, between the day and the night, favourable with the realization of wines of guard, as well on the white as the reds.

The field, installed in an old volcanic crater, profits from a diversity of grounds giving the possibility of establishing type of vine on its soil of prédilection. Basalt, limestone and the mixture of both represent the range of soils met on the exploitation.Established on 8 ha exposed to north east, the selected pieces dominate the Durance and face Lubéron and in the mountain Saint Victoire.

6:30pm –  Cocktail & private visit of the workshop – Paul Cézanne

Silence on the hill Silence the crickets On the stationary branches

The trees make rays And subtle shadows Silence in the house Silence on the hill These perfumes that you can guess It’s the smell of the season But here’s the man Under his straw hat

Spots all over his coat

And his beard in battle

(Extracted song France Gall)

Cezanne at 62 years old when it buys in 1901 an old farm and 7000 m2 of ground, on the commune of Aix in Provence. Installed on the hill of Lauves, the ground has an asset: it offers a panorama impossible to circumvent on the Mountain Saint-Victoire. After a few months of work and on plans provided by the artist, the Lauves workshop was created in September 1902.

Cézanne does not live there. Cézanne painted : he lives with his wife Hortense in an flat in the city centre, in Aix-en-Provence. Every morning, he goes up to his studio to find calm, loneliness and light. Located on the first floor of the house, the place is lit to the south by two windows and to the north by a large a canopy.

8:00pm – End of the day

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