Berne Castle

This escapade will be for you the castle of mementos beyond
the past of this building that has passed through the centuries.
Gourmandise and idleness are required for the day.
Beyond remembering, it will be for you to think about trying to come back to it.

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Each trip is different from the inveterate musk scent of the gardens
of the French Riviera are on the schedule of your escapade.
This day of discovery will be for you the memory of a day
full of olfactory delicacy like the smell of an exquisite flower.

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Amphitheater Tour

Now the road and some under the stone arches where the day is dulling
Today you have an appointment with history as a Roman emperor
you will enter and settle in the arenas for a cultural and gastronomic joust.

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Antique Hunting Tour
L’Isle sur Sorgue

Rust and iron but also wood for this day.
You will discover the know-how of the craftsmen of the past.
This tours is guarded for lovers of hunting anticary
But don't worry, you won't eat from wooden bowls
and wine won't be served in chipped glasses.
And you will not be served with Oxidized cutlery.
The hunt is open for the most beautiful souvenir of the trip.

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Art & Wine
Aix-en-Provence Tour

Close your eyes and let yourself be led on the paths of art.
You are somewhere between the known and the unknown between reality and the imaginary
you are there where art begins with a great A. But there is so much we don't know.
Here you are now, open your eyes wide, you are at Mr Paul Cézanne's house, savored the coulours and shapes
Enjoy art so that the destiny of this dream day remains
hanging on the canvas of your emotions.

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Art & Wine
Les Baux-de-Provence Tour

Oh gorgeous Baux-de-Provence where the corridors of the past are dressed in strange
and mysterious clothes with their stone clothes, the worship of the beautiful work is everywhere.
Thank you to Mother Nature for having shaped with man his terroirs...
so that food and wine will be in honour of this day.
Made beautiful and the beautiful will remember it.

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Art & Wine
& Gastronomic Experience
Saint-Paul-de-Vence Tour

As painted in an azure blue background, this vessel is dressed in stones
and hung on the side of a hill facing the sea.
Where the souls of some great artists still lie.
Hear the breeze blow in the plane trees to tell the friction
of their brush gorged with color rubbing on the canvas of the workshop.
This at the time of the twelve noon costs of the village bell that you hear
whispered the stories and joy of the artists feasting through the walls
of the famous restaurant La Colombes d'Or.
This village breathes and testifies to the joy of living
on the French Riviera. But also a beautiful game of bocce in the village square.

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Art Wine Gastronomic
& Shopping
St-Tropez Tour

Sunshine in the Mediterranean Sea and shopping
and relaxation are on the agenda for your day.
When summer comes, it's a must for partygoers and luxury resorts.
a tour of this former fishing village will convince you of its charm.
So you too for a day and an evening be the king or queen of the celebration to keep a
sparkling memory of that day.

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& Gastronomic
Monaco Tour

chic day and azure blue panorama and luxury shopping,
this is the program of your day in the Principality of Monaco.
A must-see holiday destination, the jet-set of the world is a paradise for luxury.
So you too for a day and an evening be the prince or princess of the Principality of
Monaco to keep a royal memory of this dream day.

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Fragrance & Botany Tour

Where the azure blue sky is engaged to the sea, you, the summer traveller, admire the
Village of Èze dressed in its ochre-coloured coat like a lighthouse hung on its rocky peak
Goes up to the village before the diluted sun melts there because the sea meets the moon.
Because at the very top of very old houses you are waiting for you and you will say to
yourself but how could the men build this Jewel nestled in its case of ultramarine blue velvet

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