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2 or 4 persons minium – duration: 9h00

9:00am – Depart

Visit Amphitheater Fréjus

Visit chapelle Jean Cocteau

12:30pm – Lunch restaurant gastronomique

Private visit & tasting wine domaine du clos des Roses

6:30pm – End of the day

Fréjus and his story Gallo Romaine

Located in the Var region, Fréjus is a French city that travellers particularly appreciate. It allows both a stay of leisure and historical discoveries.

Located less than a quarter of an hour from the city centre, the Arena of Fréjus is part of the Roman scenery and history that gives the city its charm. This old monument dating from Roman times stands in the western part of the town and opens on the north side to the sandstone hill.

It should be noted that like all Roman arenas, this one was mainly used at the time for gladiatorial battles. However, in order to give more spectacle to the citizens, untamed beast fights were also organized, including wild animals that came directly from the African continent.

Discover the inside of the chapel decorated by the artist Jean Cocteau.

Discover the inside of the chapel decorated by the artist Jean Cocteau.

The interior work of the chapel is based on the theme of the Passion of Christ. They can be read from the central door to the left.

  1. The Last Supper, in which we can recognize Cocteau, Jean Marais, Coco Chanel, Raymond Radiguet, Francine and Carole Weisweiller or Max Jacob.
  2. Jesus in contempt, crowned with thorns.
  3. The Crucifixion, treated as a low dive, inspired by Mantegna’s Christ.
  4. The Blessed Virgin with the rose.
  5. The Resurrection.
  6. The seventh angel of the apocalypse.
  7. Representations related to the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Jesus’ face drawn in charcoal evoking the Holy Shroud.
  8. Coat of arms interpreting that of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.
  9. On the dome, a farandole of characters representing the resurrection of the bodies.

12:30pm – Les Pins Penchés : gastronomic restaurant by Stephane Lelièvre

Les Pins Penchés gourmet restaurant by Stephane Lelièvre

Discover ThePins Penches, probably the most famous and best gourmet restaurant in Toulon. Created by Stephane LELIEVRE How to recognize a real gourmet restaurant in Toulon? Many people think that a gourmet restaurant is necessarily a luxury starred restaurant, this is of course not true since a restaurant called gourmet is above all a place that honours gastronomy.

A gourmet restaurant is a place that uses fresh, high-quality products and works them according to complex recipes and menus.

The restaurant The Pins Penches offers you gastronomic menus that are regularly renewed, seasonal and all made with local products. An impressive wine cellar and a sommelier are at your disposal to perfect your enchantment with each large dish with a unique wine.

3:30pm – Domain Clos des Roses

Revive a vineyard

Vineyard with charm attached to the values of its region and its terroir. Purchased in 2006 by the Barbero family, the Domain Clos of Roses has been completely renovated with care and the firm intention of its owner to install a quality vineyard and produce a top-of-the-range wine.

To achieve this, heavy investments have been made in order to equip itself with high-performance technical equipment and replant plots of vines. The name of the domain the Clos of Roses is a tribute to the owner’s mother. To give this estate the name “Clos des Roses” is to evoke a terroir of flowers, a family and wine of the same colour.

A summary in a few words of what makes the quality of wine: nature, terroir and know-how!

6:30pm – End of the day

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Guided tours, exclusive and privatized tastings for 4 passengers with 4 bags.

Luxurious VIP Mercedes Van

What we offer you:

  • Driver to meet and greet
  • Private drivers in English / French uniform
  • Free waiting time included (1 hour)
  • All-inclusive prices
  • Compliance and security
  • Private parking and service counter – International
  • Work table possibility to connect computer to cabin display via HDMI cable
  • Wifi & Ipad
  • Wide choice of movies and concerts available on the big screen
  • Heated and ventilated reclining seat & massage
  • Champagne, still or sparkling water & cold drinks (free of charge)
  • Machine à café Nespresso
  • 4 passengers Maximum & 1 seat for security service available on request
  • 4 Suitcases Maximum. Beyond that, we were consulted.

Current French / English driver – Champagne Bar, Nespresso and cold drinks;

Accompanying interpreter (Chinese / Russian) on request.