These general terms and conditions of sale and booking of our tours are brought to your attention before confirming your booking, apply to your reservation with 1860 Travelling Riviera, a trademark owned by ONE-LIMOUSINE, a company with a capital of 2000.00 Euros registered company number RCS Cannes 809 408 230 whose registered headquarters are at 5 Chemin Morgon, 06400 Cannes France.

In these terms and conditions, references to “you” and “your” include the first named person on the reservation and all persons on whose behalf a reservation is made or any other the person. 1880 Travelling Riviera refers to the trademark owned by SARL ONE-LIMOUSINE.

By making a reservation, you accept from all the persons mentioned in the reservation that you have read these terms of use and agree to be bound by them.

By making a booking with 1889 Travel, you certify that you have at least 18 years old for non US-citizen and at least 21 years old for US-citizen. In any experience sold, proposed, organized or managed by 1860 Travelling Riviera and involving alcoholic beverages, non alcoholic drinks will be served to participants under 18 years old for non US-citizen and under 21 years old for US-citizen.


  1. Following your request, 1860 Travelling Riviera will create a detailed and quoted report for you
  2. program, to be signed and returned to us. Completion and submission by you of
  3. detailed and quoted program will be considered by us as a confirmation that you
  4. have read, understood and accepted all our terms and conditions of sale of the circuits and trips.
  5. The prices indicated on our quotations can be in euros, US dollars or pounds sterling and payment is
  6. in euros on the basis of the spot exchange rate. You are responsible for paying for everything
  7. bank charges incurred by bank transfer.
  8. Our prices include a VAT of 20% & 10% in accordance with French tax régulations
  9. Our prices do not include travel insurance, excess baggage charges, tips,   personal items purchased and any other expenses not specified in your quote.
  10. Once your program is validated, by 1860 Travelling Riviera will charge you a deposit of
  11. between 70% and 100% of the total value of the circuit program.
  12. If your deposit has not been paid on time, your reservation may be cancelled by 1860 Travelling Riviera.

After the payment of your deposit at 1860 Travelling Riviera we will send you a confirmation, including the detailed program and details of the program and payment of the balance.

Upon receipt, if you notice any incorrect data or inaccuracies please let us know within 5 days of receiving your tour offer.

In all cases, payment of the balance must be made 4 weeks before departure.

If your payment of the balance has not been made or received on time, 1860 Travelling Riviera can cancel your tour and the deposit will not be refundable. The case your program may be subject to extra costs, 1889 Travel may ask you a credit card deposit to cover these extra costs. A final invoice will be issued by1860 Travelling Riviera in the 7 working days following your travel.


2.1. Once your reservation has been confirmed, if you wish to change the dates or

content of your tour itinerary, we will do our best to meet your new requirements. If we are able to make the requested changes, you will be provided with a quotation detailing all the costs incurred by us and the costs imposed by our service providers.

You will have to accept this revised quote within 7 business days. A warehouse an adjustment may be necessary.

2.2 In case of cancellation of your tour, please inform us in writing and by letter recommended with A/R at 1860 Travelling Riviera 5, Chemin Morgon 06400 Cannes France.

Refund the conditions are as follows:

% of the total amount to be reimbursed based on the number of weeks before the


More than 10 weeks: 50% refundable

More than 4 weeks: 30% refundable

Under 4 weeks and no presentation: 0% refundable.

Refunds will be paid within 30 business days of receipt of the cancellation notice in writing. Above (2.2)

CANCELLATION BY A TRAVEL of 1860 Travelling Riviera.

1860 Travelling riviera reserves the right to cancel a tour, or part of it, in this unlikely event, you will receive a refund of all invoices paid to 1860 Travelling Riviera.

No refund will be issued if 1860 Travelling riviera is forced to cancel changes, the circuit due to circumstances of force majeure beyond its control or that of its suppliers. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, fireworks or natural disasters, fire, explosion, weather, flooding, earthquakes, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, war, hostilities, and disruptions to the smooth running of the circuits.


Any special request must be announced to us to the moment of the reservation, for example food particular needs, particular installations, to organize your special requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be satisfied.

If we receive these special requests, of the additional expenses will be to you invoices. detailed update of the estimates. You must validate this estimate revised in the 5 working days.


All risk insurance is mandatory for all persons booking a tour with 1860 Travelling riviera. You must ensure that your insurance is valid for the duration of your tour.

Your insurance policy must be comprehensive and include sufficient coverage. In particular with regard to cancellation, downsizing, theft, accidents, repatriation, medical care, to a third party, civil liability for personal injury and death, as well as loss of or damage to equipment belonging to 1860 Travelling riviera or one of its service providers.

You must produce proof of insurance if required by 1860 Travelling Riviera.


You must behave decently with the staff of our suppliers and accompanying guides or driver in the event of failure 1860 Travelling Riviera will be able to terminate the tour without any refund.

1860 Travelling Riviera will not be responsible for the repatriation or costs incurred, and no refund will be given as a result of being removed from the circuit or any part thereof.

All your belongings are your responsibility. You may be able to make a claim if the loss is covered by the terms of your insurance policy.


You are responsible for informing 1860 Travelling Riviera and all other providers of your holiday services of any medical condition that may affect your ability to participate or performance on the circuit and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Problems or conditions. If your health status changes during the course of the circuit, you must keep 1860 Travelling Riviera informed.

Any medical information you submit to 1860 Travelling Riviera will be kept secret. You can trust 1860 Travelling Riviera to comply with all of its obligations under our privacy policy.

If your tour is cancelled or reduced because you have not been able to inform us of any medical condition, you will have no right to any refund and we will have the right to recover from you any loss we have suffered.


You are responsible for obtaining all required travel documents. You must obtain all required visas and hold a passport valid for at least six months from the date you enter all foreign countries. It is also your responsibility to make sure that these documents are in good condition and that you have them with you when necessary.

1860 Travelling Riviera is not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of not having your papers updated or lost or stolen.


Information about you and your family members or friends or collaborators, including names, contact details and all special requests, are collected by 1860 Travelling Riviera during the booking process. You are responsible for ensuring that other members of your tour are aware of our terms and conditions and this privacy policy, and that they consent to your action on their behalf in your relations with 1860 Travelling Riviera.

We may disclose this information to our partners and suppliers for the purposes of create and operate your program


You are responsible for check-in for all flights and other trips arrangements in a timely manner and with appropriate documentation. 1860 Travelling Riviera will not be responsible for the costs incurred as a result of your inability to be there on time or with the required documents.


Some of the services of 1860 Travelling Riviera are managed by third-party suppliers. These aspects may depend on factors beyond the control of 1860 Travelling Riviera, such as weather conditions, and if they do not run for any reason, no refund will be given.

Some of the proposed activities are inherently risky. 1860 Travelling Riviera cannot accept liability and is not liable for acts of negligence or breaches of duty by suppliers or any other person or company not directly under its control.

Some suppliers may ask you to sign a waiver or acknowledgement of risk. If you refuse to sign, you may be excluded from this activity and no refund will be issued.


1860 Travelling Riviera has an obligation to and towards you to take reasonable precautions to ensure that the performance of the circuit contract is released when we or our suppliers undertake due diligence to fulfil our obligations or comply with any local standards applicable to all services.

Although 1860 Travelling Riviera takes all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents or injury, you acknowledge and agree that some of the travel activities in which you participate present a risk of accident and injury. Therefore, you should not take unreasonable risks, and if so, you are responsible for your own safety and any resulting loss or damage.

1860 Travelling Riviera will make all reasonable checks to ensure that guide and driver service providers have the appropriate travel authorization and qualifications.

1860 Travelling Riviera and the costs of the tour are not at all at our expense if you suffer a loss, death or bodily injury when there was no fault on the part of 1860 Travelling Riviera or one of our service providers or the loss and damage was caused by circumstances on which 1860 Travelling Riviera The trips could not reasonably foresee or prevent or are caused by a third party unrelated to the organization of your tour or cause by you.

Subject to these terms and conditions, 1860 Travelling Riviera may be liable for the following in the event of death, injury or illness which you must prove was caused solely by the negligence of the insured the acts and/or omissions of its employees or agents and its suppliers in the performance of their duties in the course of or in connection with their employment in connection with the performance of your and the contractual arrangements for your trip or tour.

The amount of any compensation to which you may be entitled will be limited in accordance with and/or in the same way as:

The contractual terms and conditions of the companies providing services to you, including the transport of your travel arrangements. These conditions are incorporated into your supplier’s contract and you cannot be held responsible for 1860 Travelling Riviera.

Any relevant international convention, for example the Montreal Convention Athens Convention as regards air travel, Athens Convention as regards. Travel by sea, the Berne Convention for rail travel and the Paris Convention for rail travel.

With regard to the provision of accommodation, which limits the application of the law the amount of compensation you can claim in the event of death, injury, delay due to passengers and loss of your documents, damage and delay of luggage. 1860 Travelling Riviera will be subject to any limitation on compensation under the Access to Information and Privacy Act. It’s conventions or any other convention.

1860 Travelling Riviera does not accept any responsibility for the unusual or unforeseen voyages or circuit. Circumstances beyond our control whose consequences could not have been avoided even if all the precautions necessary had been taken or could not have been envisaged, or prevented.


Very felt sorry for or suggestion concerning your voyage or circuit must be addressed by letter A/R with 1860 Travelling Riviera 5, Chemin Morgon Cannes 06400, and all the efforts will be made to find a solution by amicable agreement.

If a solution by amicable agreement cannot be found, you can send your written complaint or suggestion, in the 28 days following the end of your voyage or circuit with 1860 Travelling Riviera 5, Chemin Morgon Cannes 06400 S ‘ you like it

Want to note that very felt sorry for about the services must be addressed to us or our supplier as soon as a problem occurs, or else we cannot be held responsible for any problem if we did not have the occasion to rectify the situation.


These general terms and conditions and all disputes arising out of or in connection with the contract concluded between 1860 Travelling Riviera and you will be interpreted and in accordance with French law.

By entering into a contract with 1860 Travelling Riviera, you agree that any dispute arising from such a contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts of Cannes France.