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Minium 4 persons –  Duration : 10h00 – Booking 15 days in advance

9:00am – Depart

10:30am – Workshop creation perfume in Èze

12:30pm – Restaurant Le Cap Estel* Guide Michelin

2:30pm – Botanic visit in Villa Ephrussi of Rothschild

4:30pm – Spa & swimming pool

6:30pm – End of the day

The fabulous history of the existence of the Perfume

The history of the perfume is related to the man but as old as that of this one.

With the discovery of fire, prehistoric humans discovered that certain plants, wood or other burnt materials emitted a particular aroma. The oldest traces of perfume creation date back to 7000 BC in Mesopotamia.

At the same time in Egypt, the gods were already honoured by burning perfumed creams and fragrances and the dead were also embalmed with fragrant lotions.

It is this context that is at the origin of the word perfume: per fume which means by smokiness. It was indeed through the perfume smoke that we wanted to communicate beyond with the gods.

11:30am – Workshop creation perfume in Èze

The use of perfume

The use of perfume has totally changed the lifestyles of men and women, promoting the development of a cult of beauty that is reflected in many songs and poems. Philip – Augustus founded the guild of glovers and master perfumers in 1190, which was made up of doctors and alchemists.

During the great epidemics

It was during the great plagues in France that the use of perfume exploded. It was thought that good odours protected against epidemics and diseases. The doctors having observed a great number of infections in the public baths concluded wrongly that it was the water which transmitted the viruses, the population was thus washed less and thus needed to cover their unpleasant odor.

12:30pm – Gastronomical Experiment with the table of the Chief, Patrick Raingeard

Originally from Brittany.

Now it makes the French Riviera happy. Patrick Raingeard, born in Nantes, is the only young chef to have imposed a star in 2009 on the Principality of Monaco after stars like Robuchon and Ducasse. Coming to Cap Estel, the “Table de Patrick Raingeard” regained its Michelin star in 2013 with the Gault and Millau gold as a bonus.

Patrick is responsible for that. His career has taken him to the greatest chefs such as Maximin, Passard, Lenôtre…

As a sea cook he likes to work with seafood, but this is never far from the land. You have to hear him talk, with water in his mouth, about his brandade of Bresse guinea fowl.

A cooking that is increasingly sharp, subtle and controlled. A cooking that looks like him.

2:30pm – Botanical Visit privilege with the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Eccentric, she soon became so after her marriage at the age of 19 (1883) to Maurice Ephrussi, from a wealthy Jewish family in Odessa. They hardly love each other and have no children. She then took refuge in travels, got drunk on lavish receptions, made a hat for the 18th century and became bored with gambling at the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

To house her collections of 18th century objects, between 1905 and 1912, she had a villa built in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, on a promontory designed by Leopold II of Belgium, which she named “Ile-de-France”. Every day dressed in pink from head to toe, the villa had to be pink too.

The soil is terribly ungrateful. Anyway, she uses several garden architects, including Achille Duchêne. The ground is dynamited, terraced and filled by thousands of tons of good land that it brings in.

Its employees, wearing cardboard pyramids or stretching green or silver grey ribbons, move under its orders to fix the location of trees, grassed areas and water bodies.

4:30pm – Spa & swimming pool

Turquoise escape to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Breathing the Mediterranean air is only one step towards well-being…

With its swimming pool open to the sea, and its range of top-of-the-range treatments,

the Spa is a gentle break to relax your horn and rebalance your energies and increase the benefits tenfold. While the decor plays the blue paradise around the pool for the pleasure of the eyes.

6:30pm – End of the day

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Your transport of the day

Guided tours, exclusive and privatized tastings for 4 passengers with 4 bags.

Luxurious VIP Mercedes Van

What we offer you:

  • Driver to meet and greet
  • Private drivers in English / French uniform
  • Free waiting time included (1 hour)
  • All-inclusive prices
  • Compliance and security
  • Private parking and service counter – International
  • Work table possibility to connect computer to cabin display via HDMI cable
  • Wifi & Ipad
  • Wide choice of movies and concerts available on the big screen
  • Heated and ventilated reclining seat & massage
  • Champagne, still or sparkling water & cold drinks (free of charge)
  • Machine à café Nespresso
  • 4 passengers Maximum & 1 seat for security service available on request
  • 4 Suitcases Maximum. Beyond that, we were consulted.

Current French / English driver – Champagne Bar, Nespresso and cold drinks;

Accompanying interpreter (Chinese / Russian) on request.